ISECO participating in VLC SOFTING

VLC SOFTING took place on Thursday, June 18, at the Polytechnic City of Innovation. The event was organized by the Institute of Technology Innovation. VLCSOFTING wants to become a reference point for all stakeholders in the world of software. During the day the company where the latest features regarding in cloud, mobility, Big Data and Business Intelligence. ISECO has participated in this event as a sponsor along with other international companies like Microsoft, Oracle or Kumori. Technical workshops were developed in the afternoon. Professional deepened a little more knowledge directly applicable to everyday work. Jorge Pitarch, ISECO’S technical director discussed the application and user requirements to access relevant information quickly and flexibly. It also showed the ability of analysis focused on providing immediate answers. The workshop was presented by Rafael Villegas, ISECO’s sales manager.

DSC_0350     IMG_4418

This first edition has focused on three areas: Web Environment, Mobility and Business Intelligence (BI) – Big Data. Provided by renowned experts and through practical experiences, participants were able to approach the ultimate in application development in these three environments.



VLC SOFTING was attended by over 250 professionals and companies, which could approach to the latest technologies and methodologies in software development.

Novaterra Foundation analyzes social exclusion in a day

Fifty Valencian companies discussed how to deal with social exclusion at a breakfast organized by Foundation Novaterra. The event took place at the Espai Caixa Popular Novaterra-day “Responsible interconnected companies” organized by the Novaterra Foundation, an organization that collaborates with ISECO. The purpose of the meeting, which was attended by fifty Valencian companies, was twofold: to present the different ways of working with an organization like Novaterra, reached in the brochure “Novaterra: connect people and companies together” and “connect” these socially aware companies to make a “networking” responsible, and to be providing customers and each other. “From Novaterra we spent years trying to solve the mismatch between business and social world. And fight topics, as the company is only a machine to make money, and social organizations dedicated to practicing “do-goodism” inefficiently “said Francisco Cobacho during his presentation “. Novaterra spent years building bridges among the two worlds, because experience has shown us otherwise: companies that would like to do more but do not know how. Today, in response to this concern with the presentation of this brochure, finding ways of collaboration in a win-win proposition, because we are convinced that the best lever to combat social exclusion is employment “stressed Cobacho.


Francesc de Paula Pons, the company’s vice-president, has been the one in charge of presenting the prospect, which includes the main ways that today thirty companies collaborate with the entity. Creating employment opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion; through responsible purchasing of the companies promoted by the foundation, Novaterra Catering, Port-mail and Sompresentes Responsible Gifts; with pro-bono services of professionals for free; donations in cash or in kind, labor practices, participating in campaigns, or encouraging employee participation through corporate volunteering, “teaming” or solidarity penny. “We want the Valencian business world fall in love with this foundation, which is very close to the Valencian companies and which responds to their social responsibility,” stressed Pons. “Nobody benefits from social exclusion, and believe in the concept of best teach to fish than to give a fish”. “We have so many ways to collaborate as there are companies, and we offer to work with you to find the best fit to the needs of each company formula.”

ISECO changes its image and launches website

ISECO has presented its new corporate identity. With it, the Valencian technology company offers a renewed image that contains its principles, values and convictions and to be implemented in all the company’s products. The new identity reinforces ISECO position and express their brand objectives, which happens to make technology for people, improving their lives and helping professionals in all sectors. In addition, ISECO SYSTEMS, splitting ISECO technology specialist for the social and health sector, has launched new website that includes a contemporary, highly intuitive new navigation tools and a number of novel features created to enhance user experience Internet.