“We did it because we didn’t know it was impossible”.

This is one of the phrases we really like at Iseco Sistemas. Maybe that was what already hovered overhead, that spring of 1998. After a dinner with friends, someone suggested to combine our knowledge and create a technology-based company. What began as just a dinner with a group of friends that were all engineers, suddenly created a company.

The following steps were even more fun. We answered questions like: where, how and what. We still remember our first client. We didn´t have an office and we were debating whether to tell the truth about this, or trying to convince a friend to make use of a room at his office. Finally, honesty overwhelmed us and we told the truth. From the beginning, ethics has been the only flag we’ve raised and we have not delegated anyone in our company. Almost twenty years later, that client is a friend of ours with whom we get a coffee on a regular basis and talk about our experiences.

Iseco´s first nursing home came two years later. We were able to convince another young company that our technology and approach was exactly the thing they needed for their business. Today we have implemented our technology in over 200 nursing homes and our fist nursing home, – and the majority of nursing homes in which we implemented our technology at that time – still rely on us maintaining and managing their technology.
In 2004, Iseco Sistemas established its office at its current location. This consolidated our professional goals. In this way, we began to convey the image on how we want people to see our company. This is what makes us improve in sales, well that and probably visits, product demonstrations, the business lunches and the recognition… Together with our employees Rafa, Raúl, Alicia, Toni, who work here since the beginning, and everyone that is currently working at Iseco Sistemas, we are making life easier for our clients.